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Rink Skating

Ideal for rink parties and regular skating - Skorpion™ Quadlines® provide all the functionality required to enjoy a great day out at the rink, as well as the added convenience of being able to wear your own shoes. The smooth wheels combined with independent steerage on all four wheels allow for the quick turns necessary in the rink, and the small turning radius is ideally suited for the rink’s circular motion and single direction.

Skorpion Quadlines also have the lowest centre of gravity of any skate available, making them extremely stable and easy to balance on. The size-adjustable footplates are especially economical for growing children and teens, and make it possible for children to share their skates with siblings or friends – with no more worries about losing shoes.

So forget about rental costs, and the wasted time spent trying on old rental skates and hoping that the rink hasn’t run out of your size. With Skorpion Quadlines you are guaranteed the skates will fit, you can spread the cost of ownership across numerous rink visits and rental costs, and all you need to do when you get there is just strap on and go!