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Naomi Grigg skatingStaying in shape can really be fun when you do it on Skorpion™ Skates!

Recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA) as one of the best aerobic activities for improving the fitness of the heart and lungs, roller skating involves all of the body's muscles and is equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits, leg strength development, body fat reduction and the amount of calories burnt. In fact, just one hour of moderate roller skating at 6 mph will burn up approximately 350 calories for a 143-pound person, and an hour of vigorous skating at 10 mph will burn up to 590 calories. Studies have also shown that roller skating causes 50% less impact shock to joints than running.

Even if you’re already an active exerciser or athlete, Skorpion Skates are ideal for strength and stamina training for long distance skaters, skiers and runners – and for retaining fitness while recovering from injuries.

Fitness Activities you can do on Skorpion Skates include:

 Quadline® Street Skates  Multi Terrain Skates
 Commuting  Cross Training
 Familly Fun  Family Fun
 Injury Recovery  Injury Recovery
 Rink Skating  Kite Skating
 Roller Dancing  Off-Road Skating
 Urban Street Skating  Skordic Skating
 Walking your Dog  Walking your Dog