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Forget about traffic congestion and crowded transport.

With Skorpion Quadline Street Skates all you need to do to get around your city or campus is just strap on and go!

Specifically designed to wear with your own shoes – Skorpion Quadlines will revolutionise the way you get to work or school. You can beat the traffic, help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, get some exercise, tone your butt, legs and thighs – and arrive at your destination quickly, fitter and stress free.

Whether you are a downtown worker, messenger, or student - Skorpion Quadlines are perfect for zipping around traffic and buildings. You can easily build a workout into your daily schedule by using Skorpion Quadlines to commute around your city or campus, and cruise around the nearby parks and pathways during your breaks.

The 100mm wheels allow for smooth, long strides along sidewalks and paths – even when the path is wet or uneven. Skorpion Quadlines are also easy to use. They have the lowest centre of gravity of any skates available, and can be easily adjusted to fit your own shoes. This makes them really stable and ideal for every skater, from absolute beginners to experts.

Skorpion Quadlines are also ideal for using with public transport. If you need to use a bus, train or tram for part of your journey – all you need to do is unbuckle your skates and ride on the transportation in your regular shoes.

Likewise, if you want to pick up some supplies while you’re commuting, the lightweight Skorpion Quadlines can be easily removed and carried, and then quickly strapped back on again when you have finished your shopping.

By choosing to skate instead of driving your car, you will also play an active role in improving your environment by helping to reduce traffic congestion, consumption of our natural resources, carbon emissions and noise.

So, say yes to improving your environment and fitness – and goodbye to traffic congestion and crowds.

Become a Skorpion commuter today!