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Our History

A Visionary Granddad and 'The Shire'

Reg Reid, the inventor of Skorpion Skates

Our story began with a visionary granddad, Reg Reid, who lived in a small town called Matamata in New Zealand - just two miles down the road from the Hobbiton `Shire’ movie location for the Oscar-award winning movie, The Lord of The Rings. Reg observed that his grandkids were restricted with where they could skate, and decided to do something about it. Reg wanted to make the skating a lot more user friendly and enjoyable by making it possible to skate across uneven surfaces and grass. With the assistance of his son Gary and a team of industrial design engineers from the nearby city of Hamilton, Reg patented and produced a multi terrain product that many believe has fundamentally reformed the concept of skating.

We Started With Off-Road Skating

Skorpion™ Skates were launched internationally in 2005 as a multi terrain model designed to provide recreational skaters with all the fun, look and performance of an off-road vehicle. Able to be used on almost every surface from rough and demanding mountain tracks, to the more easy going grass hills, nature trails and boardwalks – the Skorpion Multi Terrain Skates were judged a winner in the 2005 ISPO Brand New Start-Up Competition at the world's largest sport trade fair in Munich. An international jury of sporting industry experts evaluated 130 product entries from 19 countries and selected the Skorpion Multi Terrain skates as one of that year's stand out new products.

Since then, Skorpion Multi Terrain skates have been in high demand throughout Europe and North America for everything from fitness training and family fun to an almost endless array of adventure activities.

The Launch of Our Urban Street Skates

In March 2007 Skorpion Sports responded to multiple requests for a sleeker urban skate by launching the Skorpion Quadline® Urban Street Skates. Skorpion Quadlines are now available in numerous countries worldwide and are increasingly being used as commuter and city recreational skates.

The stylish design of the Quadlines caught the eye of the iconic Italian fashion house Emporio Armani, resulting in the development of the Emporio Armani Skorpion Quadline Skates. Jointly branded with the Skorpion Quadline logo, the new Emporio Armani skates were introduced on the Armani catwalk at the European Fashion Show in Milan in June 2007, were gifted to each of the presenters at the 2007 European MTV awards, and were launched later that year in selected Armani stores worldwide.

Reg's Legacy Lives On

Reg Reid, the inventor of Skorpion Skates has sadly now passed on, but his legacy lives on with his son. Gary Reid, our President, is determined to fulfil his father's dream to encourage people of all ages and skating abilities to slip on their shoes, strap on their skates, and get out and get active!