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About Us

The New Evolution in Skating

Skorpion™ Sports Ltd is a privately owned company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of skating in terms of performance, practicality, comfort, and style.

Over the past five years we have successfully brought the traditional sport of skating into the 21st Century by developing high performance skates that are so functional and easy to use that they can be used by just about anybody, anywhere.

Located in New Zealand, a country internationally recognised as an outdoor adventure playground, our company is proud to have developed skating products that encourage people of all ages and skating abilities, to get out and get active.

Skorpion Vision

Our vision is to encourage people of all ages to skate regularly to improve their health, fitness and overall enjoyment of life.

We intend to generate a global quad skating revival that will encourage families to play together, commuters to leave their cars at home, thrill seekers to experience new adventures, and everyone to get outside and get active - in a way that's really fun and convenient.