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Skorpion™ Quadline® Street Skates - Small Red / Black

The ultimate street skate. Skorpion™ Quadlines® are ideal for skating around city streets, paved surfaces, sidewalks, beach and park pathways.

Size: Small - Max weight 176lb / 80kg
Size: Large - Max weight 264lb / 120kg
Skorpion™ Quadline® Street Skates - Small Red / BlackSkorpion™ Quadline® Street Skates - Small Red / Black
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Specifically designed to wear with your own favorite shoes - our adjustable Skorpion™ Quadline® Street Skates provide skaters with the lightness of a speed skate, the shock-absorbing qualities of a recreational inline skate and the stability of a roller skate. They are incomparable in their ability to glide over bumps, cracks and uneven surfaces.

Using the latest thermoplastic polymers, patented design features, and a classic American contemporary automotive look - Skorpion Quadlines offer unsurpassed performance, practicality and styling.

The unique patented design lowers the center of gravity, creating extraordinary balance for the skater and an easier learning curve.

The 100mm wheels provide the smoothest ride possible, even on uneven surfaces. The transition from one surface to another is effortless, and the rubber-sealed dual bearings in each wheel combined with Quadcoil suspension keeps rolling resistance and vibration to a minimum. Skorpion Quadlines feature easily adjustable footplates that fit almost any-sized shoe ‚ making them especially economical for growing children and teens. Sharing skates has never been easier!

Design Features

Chassis/Footplate design

The footplates are manufactured from Du Pont’s latest Zytel® Super Tough Glass reinforced nylon to provide ultimate strength. The Zytel provides increased rigidity, tensile strength, and low temperature impact strength that you can confidently rely on. Unlike most other engineering thermoplastics, super tough Zytel is insensitive to notching and can therefore take a lot of punishment and still stay in one piece. Scratches do not concentrate stress and do not become weak points. The footplates will retain their toughness and do not become brittle at low temperatures. A soft inner sole has also been included in the footplate to maximize skater comfort.


Detachable non-marking rubber brakes are fitted to the rear of one skate. The brakes can be transferred from one foot to the other to suit the preference of the skater, and can be easily replaced when worn. The brakes are fastened by a bolt that screws into a threaded metal sleeve in the axle mount.

Axle Design

The axle assembly combines an 8mm steel axle shaft encapsulated by Glass Filled Nylon, which provides:

  • Strength and stiffness
  • The geometry required to allow the axle to pivot and provide steering action to each skate
  • The hard surface tolerance fit required to support the high performance bearings

The design and calculated placement of the axle under the front and rear footplates through the axle mount pivot transfers the load and weight of the skater down and out to each of the 100mm wheels. This allows the skater to easily turn and negotiate terrain.

Suspension And Steerage Design

Our patented Quadcoil spring suspension and steering system utilizes zinc dichromate coated high carbon compression springs positioned close to each wheel to reduce vibration, provide positive responsive control when turning, and relative comfort when skating on uneven or rough terrain. The suspension combined with the wide footprint of the skates improves stability while the skater is both mobile and stationery, and helps ensure a fun and enjoyable skating experience.

Wheels and Hubs

The four 100mm 82A high rebound Polyeurethane (PU) wheels provide a superior ride. The five-spoke TPU hub is specifically designed to provide the perfect amount of support and heat dissipation, which combined with the PU wheel provides speed, endurance and shock absorbing properties for a comfortable ride. Each wheel is fitted with two rubber-sealed Abec5 bearings to minimize drag, reduce rolling resistance, and provide lateral strength and speed to burn.

Strap And Buckle Design

The front and rear padded straps are manufactured from a strong and durable Polyeurethane elastomer to provide positive fastening, withstand shock and creep resistance, and reduce wear on the ‘teeth’ of the ladder strap.

The convenient, rigid strap and buckle ratchet system provides positive holding power and allows skaters to fasten the skates to their footwear quickly and effortlessly - and just strap on and go!

Adjustable Footplates

The revolutionary tectonic adjustable footplate design enables Skorpion Quadline Skates to be easily adjusted to fit almost any-sized shoe.

Additional Information

Technical Specs Chassis/Footplates: Zytel® Super Tough Glass reinforced nylon
Wheels: 100mm 82A PU
Bearings: Abec 5
Brakes: Non marking rubber
Axles: 8mm steel axle shaft encapsulated by Glass Filled Nylon
Suspension: Quadcoil Spring suspension.

Size Small - Max Weight: 176lb / 80kg
Size Large - Max Weight: 264lb / 120kg
Size Info

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Customer Reviews

Christmas presentReview by Jim
Gifted these to a young lady for christmas and she loves them. Had an issue with the strap on one skate but Skorpion were quick to respond and provide a replacement part. (Posted on 1/9/15)
funnyReview by Annie
I wear a 3- 3.5 shoe weight 115pounds. I took a chance with getting the adult skates. I almost sent them back. I thought they came already adjusted to the smallest size.... thank God I took them out a second time to adjust them. My son loves them and so do I. So if your shoe size is a little smaller than a 4 you'll be good to go. (Posted on 6/12/13)
DelightedReview by Carolyn
The skates were easy to fit to my shoes and the video was useful. I got to the point of being able to go from tree to tree. However, you neglected to mention that I shouldn't get to proud of myself so quick. Bearings have gotten much quicker in 40 years and now my dog is cleaning my knee. I plan to get better at this. They were exactly what I've been looking for. (Posted on 2/17/11)
Happy I tried themReview by Tee
I almost didnt try these due to other peoples feedback. I have not had any of the problems people have listed so far. I love the skates. The use of your own shoes, is great, never had a problem with straps cutting in my ankle or anything like that. I love them and would recommend them. If there was one thing to change, it would be the front straps so you could replace them if needed. But I havent crashed to have that need, yet. Great, so far. (Posted on 2/17/11)
I can wear my own shoesReview by Jo
Absolutely love the quick latch design and the fact I can wear my own shoes. Takes me longer to get my elbow and wrist pads on than it does to put my skates on. Only downsides are: the pad under the ankle latch needs more padding because the plastic is hard there and can hurt if you don't wear boots. (Posted on 2/17/11)

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