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Multi Terrain Skates


Whoever said that Skorpion Multi Terrain Skates are like Hummers for your feet wasn’t kidding. These off road roller skates are incredibly cool and take you just about anywhere. Buy them as a trendy toy to show off to friends and family or as a way to stay fit – these skates are guaranteed to give you a workout! Nature lovers will love the ability to explore parks and trails, kite skaters can skim across the sand at speed and skiers can stay in top form through the summer; a good option for dog walkers who don’t want to stick to paved surfaces.

Multi Terrains are available in two sizes and feature an adjustable footplate and straps to help you get the most comfortable fit over your favorite shoes. These features mean that you can share your skates with family and friends.

Choose from Red or Silver mag wheels in size large (US men's size 7 to 12 or US women's 9 to 13 ) or size small (US men's size 3.5 to 7 or US women's 5.5 to 8.5).

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