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SKORPIES Kids Skates

Skorpies are the ultimate kids’ roller skate, made in the tradition of beginner roller skates but so much sturdier and more comfortable. The low centre of gravity and quad design make Skorpies really easy to balance on, helping kids build their skating confidence, and the spring suspension and shock absorbing wheels provide kids with a smooth ride when skating over bumps and cracks.

Parents, you’ll love that Skorpies are adjustable so you can expand the footplate as your child grows – no need to buy new skates every year. Suitable for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 9 (shoe size and weight dependent). Thanks to durable components, you can buy with confidence knowing that Skorpies can cope with hours and hours of skating.

Available in one adjustable size to suit shoes 13j to 3.5. Choose from Orange / Grey or Pink / Grey.

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