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The Skate

What are Skorpions?
Skorpions are an updated version of the original adjustable roller skate, which allowed you to use your own shoes. Only now, you don’t need a key!

This new roller skate carries a patented design that makes Skorpion™ Skates the most stable roller skates ever made. Skorpion offers three versions of the roller skate: the Quadline Street, the Multi Terrain and SKORPIES kid's skates. They each have distinct uses and offer unsurpassed stability, performance and comfort.

Who invented Skorpions?
Reg Reid, from New Zealand. His inspiration came from watching his grandchildren struggle with inline skates and he didn’t want them growing up not knowing the wonderful feeling you get from skating and all the health advantages.

View history of Skorpion Skates

What type of shoe can I wear with Skorpions?
The footplate adjusts to the size of your shoe, so most styles of athletic footwear (like your favorite pair of running shoes), or a closed-toe shoe style, like you would wear to work or school, would be best.

How do I adjust Skorpions?
There is an adjustment knob under the footplate. Loosen or tighten it to fit around whatever shoe you are wearing. It’s a great solution for growing kids. (Thanks Reg!)

Do Skorpions have brakes?
Yes, the Quadline and Multi Terrain models have one set of brakes and SKORPIES have two! On the Quadline and Multi Terrain skates you attach the brake set to the rear of either the left or right skate, which is great because it satisfies the preference of the skater. SKORPIES have brakes on both skates to provide maximum safety and control for junior skaters.

Can the brakes go on the front of the skate?
Skorpions are designed for the brakes to be fitted to the rear of the skate only.  We've tested it and fitting brakes to the front of the skates just isn't possible.

Are the wheels interchangeable?
Yes and No. Quadline wheels can be put on Multi Terrain skates, but not the other way around. The reason for this is that the axle length of the Multi Terrain skates is longer than that of the Quadline model due to the width of the hub of the Multi Terrain wheels. Therefore the Quadline wheels can be fitted to the longer Multi Terrain axle with the inclusion of a spacer, but the Multi Terrain wheels are too wide to be fitted to the shorter axles of the Quadline skates.

Purchase a pair of Multi Terrain skates and a Conversion Kit and have the best of both worlds.

What are the wheels made out of?
Skorpion Quadline wheels are made of 100mm 82A high rebound Polyurethane (PU). The five-spoke PP hub is specifically designed to provide the perfect amount of support and heat dissipation, giving the wheel incredible speed, endurance and shock absorbing properties so you get a super comfortable ride!

Skorpion Multi Terrain wheels are made of a durable Thermoprene polymer formulation that includes a natural rubber component. The five spoke reinforced low-density polyethylene hub is specifically designed to enhance off-road performance and provide traction when cornering. The small Multi Terrain skates have 115mm wheels and the large 130mm wheels.

Each wheel on the Quadline and Multi Terrain skates has two rubber-sealed Abec5 bearings to minimize drag, reduce rolling resistance, and provide lateral strength and speed to burn.

SKORPIES wheels are made of 80mm 78A Polyurethane (PU), and are combined with Abec-5 bearings to further advance SKORPIES safety features by giving optimum control of the rolling speed and more grip when turning.

What is the truck made out of?
The axle assembly has an 8mm steel axle shaft encapsulated by Glass Filled Nylon, providing strength and stiffness, exceptional pivoting and steering action, and perfect surface tolerance to support the high performance bearings.

Can I use them on all types of surfaces?
Skorpion Quadline Skates are ideal for concrete, and rolling over bumps and cracks with ease. They are equally perfect for roller dancing or aerobic skate exercising on hard wood floors or rink floors.

Skorpion Multi Terrain Skates let you enjoy the ultimate off-road skating experience. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast wanting to skate along dirt tracks, a skier wanting to stay in top form through the summer, or a nature lover wanting to explore your local trails and parks – these bad-boys let you do it all! They can also be used on the same surfaces as the Skorpion Quadline.

SKORPIES are designed primarily for use on flat dry surfaces such as pavement, cobbles, rinks, sidewalks, boardwalks and pathways.

What ages are Skorpies suitable for?
Skorpies are recommended for ages 5 - 9. View our size chart for detailed sizing information.


What sizes do Skorpions come in?
While we hope that you find the size guide below useful, we cannot guarantee the fit. 

Sizing can be difficult to work out if you are between sizes. In this case, small skates may mean that the front of your shoes overhang the foot plate slightly and with the large size you may find a small gap between the end of the footplate and your shoe.  Neither of these options will affect safety or functionality.  The type of shoes you choose to wear may influence the size skates required.  To help make a decision about sizing measure the shoes that you are likely to wear with the skates and compare them to the measurements of the skates shown below:

Shoe Size ChartShoe Size Chart

How much weight can the Skorpion Skates take?
Small Quadline and Multi Terrain Skates can hold up to 176 lb / 80kg

Large Quadline and Multi Terrain Skates can hold up to 264 lb / 120kg 

SKORPIES maximum skater weight is 100 pounds or 45kg. SKORPIES are recommended for ages 5 to 9.

Do Skorpions come in sizes larger than men’s 12?
We are sorry to say, not at this time.

The Longboard

I've never skateboarded before, will I be able to use the StreetSkurfer?
Definitely.  It's a smooth and stable ride suitable for experienced boarders or novices.

What's the deck made out of?
Quality 8 ply Canadian Maple.

What are the wheels made out of?
70mm x 42mm SHR 82A PU with a multi-spoked hub with heat dissipation for optimized speed and grip, and smoother reduced vibration ride.

How do I adjust the front truck?
The tension on the front truck can be adjusted by using an allen key to either tighten or loosen the spring loaded tension arm. To tighten turn in a clockwise direction until desired tension is achieved, and anti-clockwise to loosen.

Can you customize a board for me?
Not at this time, but we think it look pretty cool the way it is.

Your Requests

Who can I contact if I have a problem with Skorpions?
We are always available to help you at [email protected] however it would probably be more efficient for you to contact the store you purchased them from, as they already have you plugged into their systems!

Can I rent Skorpions anywhere?
Not yet, but soon!

Can I have a free pair of Skorpions sent to me?
We wish we could send free skates to everyone who requests them, but we are happy to provide you with a link to your local store or online store:


Can I purchase Skorpions on the Skorpion website?
If you are in the any of the following countries, you can purchase Skorpions right now from our online shop:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Hong Kong SAR China, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Luxembourg, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States

If you live in a country that is not available on the shipping list at checkout please contact us and we may be able to arrange an order for you or put you in contact with a local retailer.

I want to buy a pair of Skorpions but my country is not on the shipping list, how can I order a pair?
If you live in any other country please contact us and we may be able to arrange an order for you or put you in contact with a local retailer.

I want to buy a StreetSkurfer longboard but my country is not on the shipping list, how can I order one?
If you live in any other country please contact us and we may be able to arrange an order for you or put you in contact with a local retailer.

If I purchase at one of your online retailers who also has a physical store, can I return them to their store?
Items purchased from Skorpion’s Merchants such as Dick’s Sporting Goods or Skate on Haight, are subject to the individual merchant's return policy; please check their specific return policies.

How do I use the special promotion coupons?
You will notice a section in your shopping cart labelled Discount Codes. Enter your coupon here and click Apply Coupon, before you checkout.

Why didn’t I get a DVD with my order?
The Chinese government passed a law prohibiting Chinese manufacturers from including and shipping CD and DVD material with exported products, a move to try and stem piracy. Even though we provided our authority for our factory to include our training DVD (which we thought should not have been an issue due to the fact that the DVD content is so specific to our products), it was declined.

Full instructional videos are available on our website for your viewing and downloading.

Where do I purchase replacement wheel kits and what size do I need?
You can purchase these online from our Parts & Accessories section. Both large and small Quadline skates have the same size (100mm) replacement wheels. Large Multi Terrain skates require 130mm replacement wheels and small Multi Terrain skates require 115mm replacement wheels.

Where do I purchase replacement wheels and grip tape for my longboard?
We don't currently stock these but you should be able to find them at any skate store or online.

Safety Guidelines

Do Skorpions have a warranty?
Yes! Skorpion Skates have a warranty to be free from defects in materials and manufacturing for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase, but you must have a copy of your order and a receipt to show proof of purchase.

Should protective gear be worn with Skorpions?
Absolutely! No question about it.

Are there any instructional videos on how to use Skorpions?
Learning to skate couldn’t be easier and more fun with Skorpion Skates. To help you along the way we have produced a series of instructional videos to take you from the basic skills of “Getting Started” and “Stopping” to “Turning” and then more advanced skills such as “Slalom” and “Skating Backwards”.