Over the past few years I’ve heard many amazing tales about the people who are using our skates. From the elderly gentleman in Germany who used his Multi Terrain skates to be towed behind his Huskies to his mail box a mile away, to the American lady who recently made the most of a trip to Europe by using our Quadline Urban skates to transport her quickly between the list of famous sights she wanted to see – I am constantly amazed at the many creative ways that people are using our skates.

What’s even more exciting is the many adults who tell me that they loved skating as teenagers and thought they could never do it again – until they bought our skates. A lot of these people are now enjoying memorable times with their own teenagers and younger children exploring their local parks and visiting the nearby rinks. I have personally watched a number of people who haven’t skated for sometimes 20 years, trying on Skorpions and then skating around like kids again in just a couple of hours. The look of delight on their faces never fails to bring a smile to mine, and makes me realise just how easy it is to skate on Skorpions and have a lot of fun.

One of our visions at Skorpion Sports is to encourage people of all ages to skate regularly to improve their health, fitness and overall enjoyment of life. One of the best ways we can do this is to ask you to share your skating stories on our website. So please, write us a blog and tell us what you are doing on Skorpion Skates. You never know, it might encourage a lot of other people to strap on a pair of Skorpions and Get Out & Get Active.