how to roller skate with skorpions skates

So you’ve spent months deciding whether or not to buy a pair of Skorpions, you finally receive your order, take them out of the box and they’re nothing like regular roller skates…or you’ve been surprised by a pair of Skorpion as a gift (they make a great gift, don’t they?); what are you meant to do with these cars for your feet? Yes, they are wider than regular roller skates or inlines and a little heavier but once you learn to use them they are even more fun!

To get started make sure that the footplate adjustor knob is firmly fastened and that the skates are securely attached to your shoes. It’s a good idea to wear protective gear such as a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards; if you’ve never roller skated before there is a good chance that you will fall a couple times while you’re learning. Skating with Skorpion Skates follows the same principles as skating with any other type of roller skates:

   * Start with your feet in a V position and each time your feet roll out you bring one and then the other back to the starting position.
  * Knees need to be bent and arms and shoulders slightly forward.
  * Shift your weight from one leg to the other as you move.



Using your Skorpions for the first time:

   * Test your Skorpion Skates inside on a firm carpet so you can get a feel for them. Initially stand up on your skorpions with your feet in a slight V and lift them off the ground one at a time (imagine that you are skating on the spot) so you can work out your stance for skating – Skorpions require a slightly wider stance compared to regular roller skates.
  * Choose somewhere quiet and safe, e.g. a local park with short grass (if you’ve got Multi Terrains) or a parking lot on a Sunday afternoon, for your first outdoors skate.
  * If you find that your Skorpions are too fast reduce the speed by tightening the wheel nut slightly (careful to not over tighten). Consider using ski poles to help you balance and to provide support.
  * Don't be scared to use your arms for balance.
  * Practise, practise, practise.


If you haven’t already watched the Skorpion Instructional videos visit our YouTube channel to watch them >

If you have tips for beginners please share them in the comments below.