Statue wearing Skorpion Multi Terrain Skates

We love seeing how people use Skorpion Skates and sometimes we are quite surprised by the creativity.

Belgian artist, Olivia Van Pachterbeke, sent us this photo of her sculpture who she has named Chris. (We've covered up Chris' manhood to prevent anyone being offended. The original image can be viewed here.) Olivia was glad with how her scuplture inistially turned out but thought he looked too classic with the white finish so she added some color to brighten him up.

Of course every sculpture needs a base.  Traditionally you would expect a sculpture like Chris to sit on a heavy stone base but Olivia wanted something different and was inspired by her husband's suggestion of putting the sculpture on roller skates.  And so started the hunt for appropriate skates.

Olivia found that all the skates she saw were too boring and none were big enough for Chris' large feet...that is until she came across Skorpion's Multi Terrain Skates were just what Olivia was looking for. It was a bonus that the colors matched Chris. Unfortunately when they arrived they didn't fit the sculpture but after some modifications Chris was standing tall on his interesting new base.

Chris was shown to the public for the first time on January 19, 2013 and during June 2013 appeared in the exhibition in CC De Plomblom Ninove.

Olivia says "Everybody smiles and laughs on seeing Chris and they all want to know the story about those beautiful Skorpion Skates."

How do you use your Skorpions?