The majority of people accept that when they buy a product it works in the way the manufacturer describes and if you want something that works a different way then you buy a different product. Others like to tinker and improve and know that with a small adjustment here or there the manufacturers product can be modified to meet their needs exactly.

Recently we have been sent photos from two customers showing their tinkering. Ignacio has kitted out his Multi Terrain footplate with some extreme off road wheels. He didn't tell us what the ride is like but we're guessing he wouldn't have shared his creation if it was no good. Anyone else done this?

Modified Skorpion Multi Terrain Skates


Our other tinkerer is Dinh who decided to modify his longboard by installing a set of our Large Multi Terrain Wheels. He said he had to modiify the wheels a little to fit the board but the hard work was worth it because now he has a unique longboard with funky off road wheels.

Longboard modified with Skorpion Multi Terrain Wheels