Skorpion Sports Ltd of New Zealand, the manufacturer and distributor of the Skorpion Quadline and Multi Terrain roller skates, announced today the appointment of S&N Marketing, Inc. of Encino, Ca as the Sales and Marketing Group for all North American operations.

S&N has been marketing Sporting Goods and other products since its inception in 2004. Among its clients are: SBApparel, Inc. a wholly owned division of Hartmarx, NZania, Mozambique Spice Company, Scottevest.

S&N combines the experience and talents of Steven and Nancy Rubin. Nancy began building & designing websites in 1996, creating and developing consumer-centric marketing campaigns as well. Steven, formerly VP of Apparel at LA Gear, VP of Licensing at Sketchers, and also part of the management team at GSIC, the leading E-Commerce company in the Sporting Goods Business, has built an impressive reputation for introducing new products to the marketplace.

Gary Reid, President and CEO of Skorpion Sports said, "We are very pleased with this appointment. We believe that S&N is the perfect fit for our company. We expect that our US business will become our most important market within the next few years."

Steven Rubin of S&N Marketing said, "Nancy and I are excited to be a part of an organization like Skorpion. This updated version of the original roller skate, where you used your own shoes and they were adjustable, answers the problems that the skate industry has faced for the past years. In addition, roller skating is one of the best aerobic workouts available and lends its strap-on, strap-off convenience to help people of all ages get fit."

S&N will be responsible for all branding, advertising, sales and distribution of the new North American operation.