Skating with the Skorpions is a fascinating adventure because they open up our horizon to surfaces which were unknown for many of us before. The only thing you need to skate with them is sturdy and comfortable shoes, as mountain boots or the like, and a desire to live new experiences on wheels. It is also very advisable to use them with quality protections, as falling on a surface which is rougher than roadways could be more painful.

Skorpion skates have specific models for men, women and children, so it is possible to adapt their features in each case. The model for men is broader, both in the boot support area and in the wheel area, and it is heavier than the model for women. The model for children has smaller and narrower wheels, and stoppers on both skates.

The Skorpions have a Zytel® structure, which is a polymer by DuPond that creates a relatively light skate compared with its size, but resistant to certain types of obstacles. It has two pairs of parallel wheels that offer more stability and, consequently, are able to manage small differences in level and obstacles of the surface. They have two strap sets which can be adjusted to fit each skater’s preference.

One of the novelties of this type of skate is an integrated set of four shock absorbers to help overcome the obstacles and control turns more precisely. An important issue is that each skate can be adapted for 3 or 4 consecutive sizes, so it is possible to share them with other skaters, but it is particularly useful in case of children, as they can be adjusted while they grow. As most skates, they have a braking system with two stoppers in the adult’s and four in the children’s models. Such stoppers are situated in the rear of the right skate by default, but there is the option to change them to the left skate according to the user’s preference. Nevertheless, these skates allow other braking manoeuvres, which are advisable in certain circumstances as with very loose gravel the stopper losses its adherence.

As said before, the Skorpions offer us a new skating experience on pavement and other surfaces. They allow us to roll over terrains which we had never dreamt of while being on wheels. Nevertheless, the Skorpions cannot be compared with a mountain bike because skates can never reach the speed and the gliding of a bike, but they have managed to conquer new surfaces that many of us still have to discover.

When you climb onto skates of this kind you have to try and keep the basic position all the time; that is: bent knees, the body inclined a bit forward and hands in front of the body to keep balance better and avoid falling backwards. Also, as they are broader than conventional skates, the user has to separate them opening his/her legs further than hip level to avoid possible tripping.

Finally, the Skorpions are innovative skates that demand some physical tone and technical skill depending on the surface. They also allow us to enjoy places previously forbidden to skaters, so that we can learn and live our hobby from a new perspective. So, I encourage all people interested to try them because the experience is worth it.

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