We are a 67 year old on a trike, 46 year old, my husband on a street bike pulling a trailer which will have our stuff and sometimes our 6 year old son who will be on a scooter where able and me on my Skorpions.

The roughest part of the trip was Newport through Laguna Beach. The bike lane is non-existant and the traffic is fast on the PCH. Hills were challenging on skates but especially for the husband who was pulling the trailer with the kid, his scooter and our luggage. We learned from that an in the hilly exit from San Clemente to the bike path, I took the kid and the luggage via an Uber up the hill - which was a great idea.

The ride to Camp Pendleton was great and through a state park parking lot that was empty during the week - it was over 6 miles that my son was safe to ride himself. The military base had the worst roads - like a washboard, narrow shoulders and some pretty rough hills. After making it to the bottom of a particularly hairy hill we noticed our friend on the trike had disappeared. It turned out his brake went out. Fortunately he was able to stop and do a jerry-rig repair so we were able to make it off the base. My parents were meeting us for dinner so I had them fetch me and the child and the luggage while the guys went to a bike shop.

We did get a bit of attention - some people photographed us as we went by. We had a Bose speaker with WiFi and really enjoyed playing music, especially to get up those challenging hills.

As far as comfort - I don’t think anything could do perfect given the speed and roughness in the road riding 2-4 hours per day. I have found that wearing them with boots is best - the laces on sneakers tend to create irregular pressure on the dorsum of my high arched foot - boots also provide stability for my ankles. Plus I think boots are cuter! The important part was feeling stable and having something sturdy under my feet when on the irregular roadside surfaces and skorpions were definitely that.

I can’t imagine going over the same surfaces with the blades I used to have or with standard skates. I also value the ease of popping them on and off to go into a store, up stairs, etc. Our group knew that the most likely thing to thwart our goal would be blisters on my feet. I was pretty accustomed to 15 to 20 mile rides on concrete bike trails with a little bit of asphalt but this trip would the the opposite. We also learned in Laguna that going uphill on asphalt creates a shearing force on the ball of the foot and great toes - really accelerating blister formation.

To guard from blisters, I wore padded hiking socks. I also found some gel pads that go directly over the ball of the foot and silicone toe covers I put on my great toes. This helped a lot and though I would have blisters starting, they would reabsorb at night - with out this precaution I don’t think I would have been able to go 4 days. By the final day, as much as I would have liked to go more, I think it was time for the feet to rest. The superficial blisters never really bubbled or burst but the layer of traumatized skin dried out and peeled off. I had hoped to build some callouses over the summer but this hasn’t happened but I feel confident on our next trip I can prevent bad ones.customer quote The heavy vibration also tended to loosen the adjustment knobs below - It wasn’t a problem but I did try to make sure to check it a couple of times per day.

Lots of people asked about the skates and I highly recommended them -

- Julie

Pacific Coast Highway road trip on Skorpion Quadline Street Skates