Above: Katherine trying out her Skorpies for the first time at her roller skating party. Skorpies are a good option for at home roller skating parties, where kids might have to share skates, because they're adjustable so can easily be shared.

One of our customers recently bought a pair of Quadlines for herself and a pair of Skorpies for her daughter for a roller skating party which got us thinking about writing a post with party tips and inspiration.

Roller skating is an awesome theme for any birthday party (yes, even adults – think retro / disco style) but probably suits ages 5 to 12 the best. You can go all out and make everything about skating; invitations, cake, decorations, candy, games. Or, you can just use roller skating as the main activity and keep everything else simple.

If you live close to a skate rink contact them to find out what packages they offer for parties – sometimes you can hire the whole rink for a set time or you can get a discount on entries. Remember to ask if skate and protective gear hire is extra (not everyone will have their own skates). If you don’t have access to a skate rink or it’s out of your budget, think about an alternative location. If you live on a quiet street, can it be blocked off for a couple hours? Do you know someone with a big, smooth drive? Is there a public area with a smooth track suitable for skating?

A good party “schedule” is to welcome guests and run through some basic rules for safe skating, make sure everyone knows where the restrooms are and where to find refreshments if they get thirsty. From there allow some free skating, unless you have a lesson planned, followed by games. Once everyone is tired from skating, it’s time for cake a party food. When it’s time to say goodbye you can give everyone a skating themed party favour of round candy – a bag of Gobstoppers or Rolos.

On party day, make sure that everyone is wearing protective gear, especially if you are skating outside on concrete or the road; no one wants to deal with an injury on party day. Take a few minutes to run through some basic rules for safe skating. The venue may have a list of rules that you could let everyone about. The basics are: no eating or drinking in the rink, on sitting on the floor in the rink, no tripping or pushing other skaters, don’t wear clothing or accessories that could get caught up and cause an accident.

Skating is quite a workout so make sure that refreshments are available and kids are encouraged to stop for a drink break - water is the best option for keeping energetic skaters hydrated.

Free skating is fun ( and kids are sure to make up their own games) but kids will also love playing a couple games. Freeze skate / skating statues is always a winner – everyone skates while music is playing and when the music stops they have to freeze until the music starts again. Whoever moves is eliminated. Keep playing until one person is left. A simple obstacle course can also be a lot of fun. For more ideas visit http://www.livestrong.com/article/512599-game-ideas-for-a-roller-skating-rink/. As part of the party activities, consider having someone give a skating lesson – everyone will find it more enjoyable if they actually know what they’re doing.

If you would like some more ideas, we’ve pinned our favourites on Pinterest. Check out our roller skating party board. If you're ready to start planning yoru roller skating party download our party planning checklist.

Most importantly, just have fun! If you have any other tips or ideas let us know in the comments below.

pink/grey easter egg - Skorpion competition