roller skating burns calories fast

21% of people visiting our website have said that they plan to use their new Skorpion roller skates to keep fit or get fit. They sure are buying the right product to achieve that goal! Roller skating is an awesome form of exercise – it’s a great aerobic workout (even when you’re not pushing yourself too hard) plus it helps build and tone muscles.

Roller skating is so much fun you barely even realize that you are getting a workout while you’re doing it which really helps those of us who struggle to be motivated about traditional types of exercise like running on a treadmill at the gym. Anyway, who wouldn’t want to be outside exercising in the fresh air rather than in a gym?

If you are just starting to work on your fitness, or have problems with your joints, roller skating allows you to go at your own pace with little impact on your joints. As a bonus, because Skorpion Skates strap on over your favorite shoes you can take them off if you get too tired from skating and walk for the rest of your exercise session.

The fact that Skorpion Skates quickly and easily strap onto your shoes means that they really lend themselves to mixing up your workout session. You could try skating to a flight of stairs and climbing them – take your skates off first of course. Another idea is to skate to the beach or local swimming pool and go for a swim – swimming is another awesome, low impact exercise.

Here are some interesting facts about roller skating for exercise and fitness:

* Skating is as good as jogging as exercise but it puts less impact on joints.
* Moderate roller skating for one hour will burn about 330 calories and vigorous skating for one hour will burn up to 590 calories, based on a 143lb / 65 kg weight.
* Skating offers a complete aerobic workout so it’s great for keeping your heart healthy.

Let us know your skating fitness stories – either post a comment below or email us. We’d love to hear how skating has helped you get or stay fit.