Flying 16 hours from New Zealand to attend the 4th annual Health and Fitness Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center earlier this month was definitely worth the trip.

Fritz from NBC4 gave us a big surprise on the day we set up our stand by putting on a pair of Skorpion Skates and wearing them on national TV. He even showed American viewers how to play golf in them (not that I would necessarily recommend doing that on a real golf course).

The big reward for me attending the show was seeing such a diverse range of people trying our skates, falling in love with them, and insisting on taking them home. Whether it’s to lose weight, get fit, or just have fun skating by the beach, I know that the people who use Skorpion Skates will benefit from them

One of our excited customers at the LA Health and Fitness Expo was a 70-year-old lady who was absolutely thrilled that someone had brought the quad skate back to life and made it possible for her to recapture part of her youth by skating again. Two 40 something sisters also left the show with a pair of Skorpion Skates each and huge smiles on their faces, happy that they could now participate in the beach scene near their home without having to learn to use inlines.

The LA Health and Fitness Expo reconfirmed to us how important it is to let people try our skates. We are planning to participate in a lot more events this coming summer so please keep an eye on our website to find out where we will be next.