Kite skating is an extreme sport where a rider, wearing skates, is pulled along by an enormous and powerful kite. The ride can be pretty fast with speeds of up to 60mph. Starting up around 1990, when some clever guy decided to combine a powerful sport kite and roller blades to create a new and exciting activity, the sport has developed an enthusiastic following and there are variations such as kite boarding, kite buggying and kite surfing.

Typically kite skating (and it's variations) happens off road, e.g. beaches, dry lakes, grassy fields - it wouldn't be such an extreme sport if it happened somewhere boring on smooth surfaces, now would it? For best results you need equipment suited to your experience level (you don't want to fly away with a kite that’s too powerful for your skill level!), the terrain and, of course, gear that you are comfortable using. If you want to learn more about kite skating visit which is a great resource for all things to do with the sport including links to buy gear and a beginner’s guide.

There are a number of off road skates available for kite skating some of which are very expensive but Skorpion’s Multi Terrain Skates are an affordable option for kite skating. While many other off road skates used for kite skating have a boot, meaning you have to select a size suitable for your foot, Skorpion’s Multi Terrains are size adjustable meaning you can share them with other kite skaters and ensure a comfortable fit with your favorite shoes. As Multi Terrains aren’t designed exclusively for kite skating, you can enjoy skating with them even when you aren’t hanging onto a giant kite.

Check out the video below to see Skorpion Multi Terrain Skates being used for kite skating on a beach - you'll see the skates about half way through the video.