Many customers buy Skorpion Skates so that they can exercise their dogs which we think is a great idea. If you're going to stick to walking your dog on paved surfaces then go with a pair of Quadline Street Skates because the wheels on these are designed to handle smooth surfaces. If you want to take your pooch off road then our Multi Terrain Skates are a must for you.

Unlike traditional roller skates, Skorpion Skates fit over your favorite shoes meaning that you can easily remove the skates if required. For example you could walk / run your dog to a river so they can go for a swim and instead of struggling to move around wearing skates you can just take them off while your dog enjoys the water - you may even want to join them!

The video clip below shows how easy it can be to exercise your dog when you've got a pair of Multi Terrain Skates - this skater easily holds the dog's lead and his camera.