Rotating the wheels on your Skorpion skates will help you get more use out of them.  If you roller skate regularly rotating your wheels is an essential skill to learn. The rotation sequence and how often you do it is entirely dependent on your skating style but as a guideline you should rotate your wheels every few months or about every 12 hours of skating - typically skaters wear out the inner front wheels first. You can use the sequence below, or rotate your wheels by switching the most worn with the least worn.

Working with one skate at a time:

1. Unscrew each axle nuts - keep all of the nuts together in a container.

2. Use a dry cloth to clean any grime or dirt off the axle after you have removed the wheels.

3. Swap the front left wheel with the back right wheel. Swap the back left wheel with the front right wheel.

4. Make sure that you put your wheels back on the axle the correct way - check that the branding is facing out i.e. you can see Skorpion and 100mm.

5. Replace and tighten your axle nuts. Be careful to not over tighten them otherwise you won't be able to roll on the skates. Tighten them to the point where the wheels spin freely but are not loose or wobbly.

Rotation sequence for Skorpion Skates