To increase the life of your skates and make sure that they are safe to use you should regularly spend time maintaining them. It's a good idea to get kids into the habit of checking and maintaining their Skorpies.

Before skating

Each time you use your skates you should give them a quick check to make sure that they are safe:

1. Check that the brakes are firmly secure.

2. Check that the footplate adjustor bolt is firmly tightened.

3. Check that the wheels turn freely but are not loose or wobbly on the axle.

4. Check that the straps firmly secure your shoes.

Periodic maintenance includes:


Wheels will wear down with use but you can help them last longer (as well as ensure you have a smooth ride) by rotating them as you notice wear or approximately every 12 hours of skating, depending on the type of surface you skate on. If you search Google, you'll find a number of different recommendations for rotating your wheels but we recommend that you have a good look at your skates and rotate the least worn wheels with the most worn wheels (everyone has a different skating style and therefore wears out components differently).

A typical rotation sequence is done in an "X" configuration and involves switching the back right wheel with the front left one on each skate as many people wear out the front left wheel first. Check out this blog post for detailed instructions on how to rotate your Skorpion wheels.

Occasionally clean your wheels to prevent extra wear from built up dirt. Don't use solvents as this may ruin the wheel; soapy water and a cloth will work fine. If you haven't removed the bearings be careful to not get them wet.


Skorpion wheels are fitted with sealed rubber bearings which require no routine maintenance because dirt can’t get into them. If you think that you bearings are no longer performing properly or as they should, we recommend that you change them.

If you have modified your skates and they are not fitted with Skorpion bearings, watch this YouTube video about cleaning them.


Brakes tend to wear faster than other parts of your skates and will need to be replaced from time to time. If you notice that one brake pad receives more wear than the other, swap the positions of the pads. Read this blog post on changing your brakes


Always store your Skorpions in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. If your skates are wet for any reason make sure that you fully dry them before storing them. If the wheels are exposed to moisture we highly recommend removing and drying the bearings.