Skorpion Conversion kit fitted

Many people would love the best of both worlds when it comes to Skorpion Skates. Our Multi Terrains look cool and you can use them to skate over some pretty rough terrain, plus they give you an awesome workout. Our Quadline Street Skates are suited to smooth surfaces like sidewalks and skate rinks and can be a great option for commuting. We know that no one really wants to spend money on two pairs of skates so we created a conversion kit to convert your Multi Terrain Skates into Quadline Street Skates by changing the wheels and brakes. Best of both worlds - easy!

Use these simple instructions to easily convert your Multi Terrain Skates into Quadline Street Skates:

1. Remove the Multi Terrain wheels by removing the hubcap and unscrewing the nut at the end of the axle

2. If you have Large skates, slip a metal spacer onto each axle. Small Multi Terrain Skates don’t usually need the spacer as the axle is shorter.

3. Slip a Quadline Street wheel onto each axle and secure tightly with the nut but be careful to not over tighten.

4. Remove Multi Terrain brakes and replace with Quadline Street brakes (check out the diagram below):
4.1   Unscrew and remove the bolts and plastic spacers that hold each brake in place. Keep the brake pads and attachment hardware in a safe place for when you need them.
4.2   Position the Quadline brake pad onto the axle mount, insert the spacer and bolt and tighten firmly. Do this for both brake pads. 


How to change the brakes on Skorpion skates


Once your conversion kit is fitted your Multi Terrain Skates are essentially Quadline Street Skates. The only difference is the spacer on the axle.

IMPORTANT: It’s a good idea to test your newly converted skates somewhere safe and at a slow speed to make sure you have fitted and tightened everything correctly.