Skorpion Multi Terrain and Quadline skates are designed with brakes on only one skates – brakes are fitted to the right skate as factory standard. This is one of the many ways that Skorpions differ from tradition roller skates and inline skates. We know that not everyone will be happy with brakes on only one skate and that some people would prefer to brake with their left leg so our roller skates are designed to accommodate brakes on the left or right skate. With this in mind you may choose to purchase an additional brake set and fit it to the left skate (so both your skates haev brakes) or you may decide to swap the brakes from the right skate to the left.

Replacing, or moving your brakes to the other skate is easy – all you need is a screwdriver and these simple instructions.

1.    To remove each brake pad,  unscrew and remove the bolts (a) and plastic spacers (b).
2.    To install the brake pad, insert spacer (b) into brake pad and then position on the axle mount (c) so you can slide the bolt through the spacer and brake pad into the hole on the axle mount.
3.    Insert the bolt and tighten firmly.
4.    Test the skates on a safe surface to ensure that you have correctly fitted the brakes.

Trouble shooting: Occasionally you may find that the opening (shown in blue on the diagram) for the spacer and bolt on replacement / new brake pads is not large enough.  In this case take a sharp blade and carefully slice away a small amount of rubber – just enough for the spacer and bolt to fit.

how o change skorpion skates brakes