Questions we often get asked are how long will the wheels on my Skorpion Skates last / how often will I need to change my wheels? These questions are difficult to answer because no two people will skate in exactly the same way.

Wear depends on how you skate (slow and gentle vs aggressive and speedy), the surface you skate on (smooth like a skate rink or rough like a road) and whether or not you rotate your wheels (check out our blog about rotating your wheels).

Skorpion Quadline Street Skates are fitted with 100mm 82A which means that they are a medium hardness, have good grip and shock absorption and are good for outdoor use but still suit indoor skating.

So, you're thinking that I still haven't answered the big question: How long will the wheels last? Anything from a few hours to a couple years. To make them last longer make sure that you look after the wheels by cleaning them after use - make sure that any grit or particles are removes as these will make your wheels wear faster - and rotate your wheels when you notice that some are looking worn.

A Skorpion Skates enthusiast, Andrew, from Romania shared a photo showing his wheels after 8 months and 1100km ( about 684 miles) of skating. Definitely a good time for him to change his wheels.

Skorpion Quadline wheels after 8 months of use