We recently had had an email from a Dad, Hernane, in Brazil who was determined to organize a much wanted pair of Skorpies for his daughter. We do not routinely ship to South America due to the very expensive shipping costs and the import taxes that customers usually have to pay so this customer was very lucky to have a family member visiting the USA for a brief time.  After a few emails we worked out that a pair of Skorpies could be delivered to the family member before they returned to Brazil. (Thank you to our wonderful warehouse staff for processing this order in record time!)

Hernane was kind enough to share some photos of his beautiful daughter with her new Pink / Grey Skorpies with us. This young skater is very happy with her brand new Skorpies (I love how she has matched her shoes and skates) and finds them easier to use than her inline skates - looks like she won't be walking anywhere for a while! She's possibly the only child in Manaus (Amazonas, Brazil) which is causing a lot of interest from other kids.

One happy Skorpies Skater