Are you thinking of buying a pair of our very cool Multi Terrain off road roller skates, but not sure if you'll be able to skate in them?  Check out this video of a skater trying out the Multi Terrains for the first time.  See how the wide wheel base and low centre of gravity ensures a really stable ride - first time and he doesn't even fall over!  The wider wheel base does mean that you need a wider stance (if you've been using rollerblades, this will take a little while to get used to), but once you've practised a few times that will be as easy as pie.

So many reasons for you to buy your own pair of Skorpion Multi Terrains: they look cool, they allow you to skate on surfaces you can't skate on with rollerblades or traditional quad skates, they're great for dog walking, they're an awesome way to keep fit, you can share with family and friends thanks to the adjustable foot plate, easy to strap on or take off.