Firstly, huge apologies that it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me. I’ve been locked away at Skorpion HQ orchestrating the final stages of the development of our latest product, our new kids skates we are calling SKORPIES. We start full-scale production in late August and they will be available from September. I am so excited about SKORPIES. The feedback I have received from within the industry has surpassed all my expectations, and now I can share them with you all, as we launch them into the public domain. You can check them out at on the SKORPIES webpage.  

In fact, if you are in the US you can even pre-order a pair and be the first in the world to own a pair........How? Well we have also just launched our brand new shopping cart and very pleased to announce that as of now our customers in the US can buy their Skorpion Skates and SKORPIES, right here on this website, directly from our on-line shop. Buying Skorpion Skates couldn’t be easier. Please sign up at the Skorpion shop and take advantage of our own special offer purchases. We will also keep you informed about our latest products and offers.

For those of you in the rest of the world we have been building a number of key distribution relationships and will soon have a comprehensive retail representation. Over the coming weeks we will be redesigning the retail locator section of our website to reflect this. Please keep watching this space for up to date information on your local Skorpion retailers.