durometer rating explained

Have you ever wondered what is meant when Skorpion quadline wheels are described as 82A? 82A is the durometer rating / measurement and it describes how hard or soft a wheel is. A small number means a soft wheel and a high number means a harder wheel; the durometer rating runs from 0 to 100 although you don’t tend to find wheels under 68A as they are very soft and you wouldn’t get much use out of them.

A softer wheel typically wears out quickly but provides good grip and a smoother ride because of the increased shock absorption. Usually a softer wheel is used for recreational, indoor skating (the 72A to 78A range) and a slightly harder wheel for recreational outdoor skating (the 80A to 84A range). Aggressive skaters tend to have harder wheels (88A+) as they are faster than softer wheels and often better suited to the skating surface.

Skorpion Skates are designed for recreational skating, indoors and outside, so they are fitted with medium hard wheels with an 82A durometer rating. Skorpion wheels provide good shock absorbency and grip at both a skate rink and a sidewalk. As the hardness is midrange you will be able to use them for a number of hours before needing to replace them. (Read our blog post “How long do Skorpion Skates wheels last?”).

Many experienced skaters customize their wheels to suit themselves and don’t necessarily follow the rules regarding soft wheels for indoor use and hard wheels for aggressive skating. It’s not unusual to find inline skates with wheels of a combination of durometer ratings.