Dog walking tips from Skorpion

To mark National Dog Walking Week we've decided to share 5 tips and tricks for successfully walking your dog. Remember that each dog is different and what works for one may not work for another. Dogs benefit from a 30 minute to an hour walk every day, depending on their age and breed, and these 5 tips can make it a very enjoyable experience:

1. Choose the right lead. If your dog pulls a lot or is still learning good lead behavior you should try a short lead so that yo have more control. A retractable lead is a great idea if you want to allow your dog scope to explore the surroundings while giving you the ability to reign them in if required.
2. Invest in an anti-pull halter if your dog pulls. Although it means spending money, this device will make your walk so much more enjoyable which means that you are more likely to have a regular walking routine.
3. Don't forget treats. Treats are a good way to encourage and reinforce good behaviors. Plus, if you treat your dog during a walk they will have positive associations with walking.
4. Make time for exploring. While you need to ensure that you remain the boss in terms of being the leader on on the walk (if you don't, you're asking for trouble), do allow your dog time to sniff around and explore their surroundings. Also, consider varying your walking routes to keep your dog well stimulated.
5. Anticipate problems. Keep an eye out for any potential problems for example poisonous plants or stagnant water that your dog may want to investigate, unfriendly dogs or anything that may unsettle your pooch (distract them with a treat!).

Skorpion Skates can be a great way to walk your dog, or should we say be pulled by your dog? Dogs love running and if you can't keep up with them on foot strap on your skates and let them pull you along.

For more walking inspiration, visit the National Walk your Dog website >

walk your dog with skorpion skates