skorpion vs cardiff review

customer review

I'm glad to see I found your website selling the skorpion skates. The previous website I purchase the Skorpions from has seem to replaced the skorpions with the cardiff skates. Without researching I assumed the Skorpions were no longer produced, so I ended up trying the cardiff skates. I have to be honest and say these are night and day in feel/comfort and stability. I've tried the cardiffs now for three weeks and really miss the skorpions. I skate my 110lb American bulldog daily for his exercise and need the ability to go from smooth to rough terrain.

The cardiffs do not provide that stability and every bump is felt as it is through standard inline skates. The menuverability is limited by the side wheels and I feel standard Inlines handle much better. The self locking system is nice on the cardiffs however it does not lock your shoes in enough for any kind of side to side stability making hills a real chore to accomplish. They provide extra straps that hook onto the existing back strap which have to be taken off and put back on every time you skate.

If I had to guess I would say the cardiffs are faster in a straight line but that's where the advantages end. The Skorpions provide stability, no side to side roll. The suspension makes for a less bumpy feel. I can go from pavement to grass without out a problem. Also when skating my dog I have complete controll with the skorpions. customer review

I can't wait for the back orders to come out.

- Lou