We often ask customers to let us know what they think of Skorpion Skates once they've tried them and some times we get very detailed and honest replies such as this one from Roger:


customer reviewHello Angela, Thank you. The package arrived last night. As to your question on how the skate work for me, I tried them out last night upon delivery. Here are my thoughts after the first try with them. Keep in mind I am 44, heavy set, and a smoker.

1. Easy setup and the product appears to be everything I thought it would be if not more

2. Versitle as my son who wears on average a size 13-1/2 shoe (mine is a 9-10) actually can wear them despite the max size being 12. He just used a shoe with less rubber/girth/material and it fits snug but just fine.

3. The instructions (yes I read them, go figure) on how to use the skates said there was an accompaning CD that showed me how to do the basics. I would have viewed it if it was in the box. Alas, it was not and I tried them out cold without a clue. Luckily, I was a very avid skater some 30 or so years ago. So, despite being very out of shape and much older, I was able to get the hang of rolling forward and creating speed moving strait forward and so forth without falling - though I had numerous near incidents and still cant stop. Picture speed skating by a clumbsy old fool with no breaks who still thinks he is invinceble, that about covers it... a disater waiting to happen.... I still have no clue how to break properly if at all, I just did the best I could and breaking might be my biggst struggle as I adjust and learn as it is highly un-natural for me considering I never used inline or any varient of inline skates before, so rear breaks just dont seem natural to break for me and in fact seem/feel counter intuitive. With the old school skates I am familar with as in old, old, oooold school the breaks are mounted on the front of the skate as I am more familar with, and it really required little balance or skill, just pick up your foot and drag your toe. Too, easy. With these as other inline off-shoot styles, it requires much more skill to break effectively on your heal, although I imagine it is safer. Someone my age that did not retain a relatively high level of balance would probably have had significantly more trouble than I did. And as fast as they are they could easily hurt themsleves if they did not use proper safety gear.

4. Fun, so much fun right out the box. Cant wait to get better with them.

5. Because I probably am still a kid at heart I did purchase these specfic skates becuase I wanted to get excited about moving (excersise) as I interpreted these would be faster than your non-street skates and thought I needed speed to keep my interesst so that I would actually use them instead of putting them in the closet to collect dust. Maybe, being young at heart is not so good here. I think I would have been fine with a skate that was not quite so fast. I will have to be patient and act my age or I might find myself on my butt more than I like if not something more painful.

6. I am not usually proponent of safety equipment for myself - in fact I balk at it. I know that is probably a stupid statement but I am one of the lucky people who physically have always done mild to dangerous sport stunts as a child and young man but never seemed to pay the cost in terms of being hurt and / or needing safety gear. Just dumb luck I suppose. Or as my wife said when she met me in my early 30s when I tried to impress here with some remaining youthful skills, "you crash very well." Anyway, after trying them out and realizing how fast they really are and how out of shape I really am, I do plan to purchase some safety gear and at least attempt to act my age in that respect. I highly recommend safety gear for these!

Hope my thoughts are helpful. So far, I love the product and I just hope I can get the hang of it and I hope that I did not overstep my ability as these are much faster than I realized they would be when I decided to purchase. I honestly dont remember old school skates requiring as much skill to control as these - despite these seeming to be very stable. I think I have a much bigger learning curve than I anticipated and hope I can get there while my interest is still peaked so I can get moving, have some fun and maybe even lose some weight.customer review



Roger Allen

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