This is what Cherie has to say about her conversion kit:

customer review

Here is a long over due review of my skorpion skates.

First and for most I love these skates, I have the 100 mm wheels and the 115 mm wheels, so I can change between the two depending on where I'm going to skate. It does take about 15 minutes to switch the wheels and the brakes, but well worth the time spent.

On days that I want to skate in town on the streets and sidewalks I use the 100 mm wheels, I could use the 115 mm wheels in town, but the 115 mm wheels are not as fast, and they are a little less maneuverable then the 100mm wheels. On other days when I want to skate on the dirt road in front of my house or down the farm lane I use the 115 mm wheels, they work like a charm.customer review I can hardly believe how good the bigger wheels skate on dirt, there's no way I could skate on dirt with any other skates that I know of.

Thank you Skorpion Skate Company

If you would like to buy a Conversion Kit visit our accessories page. For detailed instruction on our to fit your conversion kit read HOW TO: Fit the Skorpion Converison Kit.