We know not to believe everything we read on the internet but here’s hoping that these 5 roller skating facts are 100% true.

Number one: The first recorded invention of quad roller skates is in 1760. John Joseph Merlin (that's him in teh red jacket) attached metal rollers to a wooden plate with straps to create his prototype. His big reveal resulted in him crashing into a large mirror at a masquerade ball. He probably should have practised before showing off his new invention.

Number two: Mr. Merlin’s roller skates were very basic and in 1863 James Plimpton improved the design by designing skates with trucks so that the skater could actually turn while skating. Useful feature!

Number three: The improvements just keep coming. In 1876 someone decided that it would be a good idea to have a brake on roller skates and the toe stop was patented.

Number four: Inline type skates were first introduced in 1823 when Robert John Tyers of London patented a skate which had 5 wheels in a row. He called it The Rolito.

Number five: There is a long tradition of roller skates being used to serve food and drink. There are reports of barmaids in Germany in 1840 serving beer while wearing roller skates.

James Plimpton's design featuring trucks for steering and Robert John Tyers' inline design above.